Research @ Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College

Research at Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College aims to develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our society at large. In a society propelled by technology, research provides the thrust for economic growth and Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College is committed to pursue research in modern areas, aligning its focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance. Students and faculty conduct research projects in science and engineering in order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments.

Office of the Dean – Research and Development

The Deanery of Research & Development consisting of Dean, Associate Deans and other staff coordinators is concerned with the framing of policy, strategizing, planning and executing Research and Development activities at Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College. The following is a gist of the Role of the Office of Dean – R & D:

  • To advise the Management on Industry – Academia Partnership and Research and Development keeping abreast with National and International developments.
  • To make recommendations to the Management on Research Administration and allocation of research budget/fund and other relevant research and development matters.
  • To facilitate Institute funding for research and development through the creation of Research and Development Fund to support ongoing projects, equipment maintenance, laboratory development, procurement of hardware and software, etc.
  • To inculcate team spirit and promote academic and industrial research activities among various departments of the Institute.
  • To develop a Central Research Facility and encourage the spirit of independent research among faculty of various departments and to percolate the research to the classroom.
  • To structure the Institute’s research programmes and allocate staff for the various projects and to encourage and facilitate inter-disciplinary research among various departments.
  • To undertake Governmental/Industrial Consultancy activities and to encourage and promote execution of Sponsored/Funded Research Projects from various Governmental/Private agencies such as CSIR, CEERI, UGC, AICTE, DST, DOE, ISRO, DRDO, Intel, IBM, etc.
  • To be the Principal Investigator and appoint Investigators for Sponsored/Funded Research Projects and to publish research in high quality peer reviewed national and international journals.
  • To imbibe entrepreneurial skills and promote independent research projects towards product development and to develop Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development activities and promote Business Incubation Facility.
  • To review, assess and evaluate matters related to Intellectual Property, Patents, Technology/Knowledge Transfer, Copyright, Contracts, Agreements, Conflicts of Interests, Negotiations, Resolution of disputes, etc and frame policies concerning the same.
  • To co-ordinate research activities among various departments for Post Graduate Studies and Ph.D and to map research activities and outcome of research with the Institute’s curriculum.
  • To represent the Institute externally in relevant regional, national and international forums including funding bodies and maintain alumni and corporate relations and to facilitate the advancement of Professional Teaching Career through Research and Development and to foresee Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College as an Institute of National Importance.

With Warm Regards,
Dr. Milind Thomas Themalil
Dean, Research and Development
Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College
Kerala, India