IIT Remote Center


IIT Bombay and Kharagpur took step for faculty development in the country. Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College supported and provided all necessary infrastructure to become a remote centre of the premium institutions. Throughout the year several workshops and seminars are being conducted to assure the improvement of teaching and technological skills of the faculties.

Training from IIT’s

IIT Bombay & IIT Kharagpur have funded 11 workshops held at Caarmel and has given to the College around 200 Aaakah Tablets for the use of students and faculty members. These Aakash tablets were used by the T&P cell to offer placement and other forms of training to the students.

Workshop & Training Programs

Following are the various workshops and training programs held at Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College:

Sl. No. Name of Workshops/ Training
1 Introduction To Research Methodologies – Coordinators workshop
2 Introduction To Research Methodologies-Teachers (Padmasree Prof. B. Bhatak of IIT Bombay )
3 Aakash For Education – Teachers
4 Engineering Thermodynamics – Coordinators workshop
5 Engineering Thermodynamics – Teachers
6 Research Methods In Educational Technology – Teachers workshop
7 Aakash Android Application Programming – Students workshop
8 Database Management Systems – Coordinators workshop
9 Database Management Systems – Teachers
10 Analog Electronics-Coordinators workshop
11 Analog Electronics-Teachers workshop