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Students in all the branches in B.Tech. degree course are taught the common subjects like; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communicative English, and Managerial Economics. The department of Basic Sciences at Caarmel is well staffed and well equipped to meet this academic requirement to the best possible extent. The courses have been designed to strengthen the fundamental principles to enable the students comprehend the core engineering subjects. The department has been in the process of growth in terms of number of students, teaching-learning process, publication output, internal quality assurance system,  evaluation and student progression

Semester 1 & 2 subjects (common for all branches)

1. MA101-Calculus
2. PH100-Engineering Physics
3. CY100-Engineering Chemistry
4. BE100-Engineering Mechanics
5. BE110-Engineering Graphics
6. BE101-0X-Introduction to civil/ mechanical/ electrical/ electronics/ computing Engineering
7. BE103-Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
8. MA102-Differential Equations
9. BE102-Design & Engineering
Any Three of the basic Engineering subjects
CE 100-Basics of Civil Engineering
ME 100-Basics of Mechanical Engineering
EE 100-Basics of Electrical Engineering
EC 100-Basics of Electronics Engineering
CS 100-Computer Programming (Only for CSE & IT branches)
CE110/ ME110/ EE110/ EC110-Basic Engineering Workshops
CS 120-Computer Programming Lab  (Only for CSE & IT Branches)
U100-Language lab/ CAD Practice/ Bridgecourses/ Micro Projects etc
V100-Entrepreneurship/ TBI/ NCC/ NSS/ Physical Education. etc

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