Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College (CML) established in the year 2002 is a leading co-educational private self-financing institute offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree courses in Engineering and also Postgraduate Degree courses in Management. The college is run by  Caarmel Educational Trust having as its members highly qualified and experienced persons owing allegiance to Believers Church, headquartered at Thiruvalla, Kerala. From its idyllic location, away from the cacophony of nearby towns, the college, since its inception, has evolved over the years in tune with the educational needs and challenges of a technologically exploding world.

         Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College is located in a serene and picturesque campus of about 120 acres, nestled amidst beautiful wooded hills, at an altitude of about 1000 m above Mean Sea Level, in Perunad of Pathanamthitta Dist., on the south-eastern part of Kerala. The campus, designed as a knowledge centre, is about 1.5 kms to the left, away from the main road stretch off 4 kms from Perunad, en route to Sabarimala. The major towns close-by are Pathanamthitta and Ranni which are about 27 & 20 kms away, respectively. The nearest railway stations are Chengannur which is about 43 kms and Thiruvalla about 52 kms away. The climate throughout the year is very pleasant and the ambience devoid of pollution, making the campus an ideal home for scholarly work.

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To emerge as an esteemed center of excellence in engineering, technology and research. To train each student to become a value based professional, who would in turn contribute to the betterment of society by their life and service.

To develop a new generation of excellent engineers and managers, who would be able to lead and work innovatively in a dynamic and competitive world with a strong focus on professional ethics and life skills.

To develop the infrastructure facilities and human resources to provide high quality technical education for the students. To develop as a centre for applied research in traditional and frontier areas of technology through collaboration with corporate sectors, universities and research institutions.

Endeavour to abide by truth, transparency, honesty and sincerity; strive to uphold the highest standards of ethics, and uphold all laws; add value, commit its energies, and apply creativity and innovation to impart holistic and professional education.


Believers Church, a christian denomination is apostolic in origin, universal in nature and biblical and evangelical in faith, ecumenical in outlook and Episcopal in governance. The Church has 11 Bishops with the Metropolitan Dr. K.P. Yohannan, giving his spiritual and administrative leadership in the service of God and humanity. The Believers Church is spread over 13 countries with 41 dioceses and over 2.6 million people speaking more than 300 languages.


Fr. C.B. Williams

Chairman & Manager, Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College

The general administration of the college is managed by Fr.C.B.Williams. He serves as vicar of Believers Church. His managerial skills are appreciated and recognized nation wide. He was honored with “The best leadership award among Engineering colleges in Kerala” on May 2016 at New Delhi. He gives priority to the discipline and moral values of the students in the college.


Prof. Dr. A.G. Mathew

Principal, Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College

Prof. Dr. A.G. Mathew has 19 years of experience in Teaching, Research, Industry and Administration. Joined Believers Church Caarmel Engineering College in 2017.  His area of expertise includes Academics, Industrial, curriculum development, academic administration (academic quality audits and processes:ABET), research, laboratories,  external funded projects and scientific publications.

His research interests are: Reliability modelling & analysis of industrial systems, Industrial plant maintenance & management.